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Serving Connecticut and New York's Westchester and Putnam Counties for over a decade. The Skin Source runs among the elite in Skin and Body Care. Specializing in FDA Approved Only advanced medical grade laser aesthetic applications and treatment protocols. Our services include Skin Tightening, Rejuvenation, Acne therapy, scarring and stretch-mark clearance, non-invasive liposuction, body contouring, cellulite reduction therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling facials, and advanced microneedling. As well as an array of facial options be it accompanied with a laser treatment or just on its own, using ecologically friendly natural and organic skin care products. Our services also include health and wellness coaching and weight loss solutions.



We have taken the Revolutionary VelaShape III and mastered it. Two back to back treatments are performed using a combination of 3 different VelaShape III handpieces targeting deep focal fat and fat deposits, adipose fat and subcutaneous tissue, followed by the use of a Compression Garment/Waist Trainer Custom sized and fitted to each individual Patient.

Day 1: A Deep Focal Fat Deposit applicator is used to penetrate energies deep into fat cell chambers. The applicator is applied to the treatment areas while the Vela III platform reads the bodies feedback and response until the specific temperature is reached where the fat has been liquified. Then following this process the Large VSmooth applicator is applied which combines VelaShape Bi-Polar Radio Frequency's,  Infared-light, Suction and Tissue Manipulation to break down and destroy fat cell tissue. Once the temperature required to dissolve fat has been achieved a custom fitted Compression Garment is applied to the patient. The garment is worn at least 6 hours a day or more. This will lock in the heat as well as help to further shape and contour the body.

Day 2: The Deep Focal Fat Deposit applicator is applied once again to redissolve the broken down fat and fat cell tissue. This enhances and achievers greater significant results in a shorter span of time. The Compression Garment is applied once again and worn at least 6 hours a day throughout the course of treatments including 8 weeks post final treatment. This will allow the body to heal optimally and maximize the body's reshaping.

-Results of V-Tuck on a Post C-section Pouch-

-Results of V-Tuck on a Post C-section Pouch-

Ever seen a tummy tuck scar?....

So have we and it's not pretty. Our experts in non-surgical body contouring and reconstructive procedures developed the only treatment protocol series utilizing the worlds #1 and only FDA-Approved device and its called The V-Tuck. 

Treatment parameters range between 3-6 and up to 8 treatments. Treatments are done once weekly or bi-weekly depending upon each individual and condition. 

Achieve results within the very first treatment with
Zero Downtime - Zero Pain - and Zero Side effects.